Haemorrhagic Hypovolaemia is a bit like austerity.
In a previously well funded system (young and healthy) a bit of a budget cut is not noticed initially. 

At first there are small changes, not every street light is on and there are less flowers (minor blood loss leading to autotransfusion from interstitial fluid and minor vasoconstriction of arterioles). 

Then the libraries shut and the public funding to community events is cut, people are starting to notice (more blood loss, increase in cardiac output by increases in pulse and contractility, further vasoconstriction to increased systemic vascular resistance leading to colder peripheries). 

Soon the cuts to vital services like the NHS affect people on a day to day basis, its harder to get an appointment at the GP and the emergency departments become crowded (major blood loss, perfusion to skin, gut and limbs is poor, there is reduced kidney perfusion and poor urine production as the body desperately tries to conserve fluid. Perfusion is maintained to brain and heart at the detriment of other organs there is now a maximal SVR and Cardiac output is reaching maximum). 

Eventually cuts to public services result in anti austerity marches and rioting as it’s really starting to hurt, basic services such as maternity and policing are not maintained and the army is called in (critical blood loss, the lethal triad of acidosis, hypothermia and coagulopathy is taking hold as poor perfusion leads to an inflammatory response, coagulation factors are consumed to plug the gaps and the patient gets cold) 

Then comes anarchy and social collapse with an end to system as we know it (multi organ failure and death) 

The solution is to stop the blood loss and fill the tank. 

Steve Young