Imagine a world with no doctors. What would the medics do?

The General Surgeon becomes a soldier:
They are always looking for the next battle. They believe strength is power and soldiers win wars. They have a blood lust and want to disembowel people at every opportunity. They prefer actions over words.

The A and E Doctor becomes a cowboy:
In true anything and everything style they wander around looking for trouble or a quick job. They can turn their hand to literally anything, if they feel like it. They can and will literally do anything they need to! They shoot from the hip and ask questions, if at all, much later. They don’t care about the details, they just want to the do the job and move on. They get bored quickly and move to the next big thing. Deep down they resent the fact that people think they are just cowboys!

The Anaesthetist becomes the commercial airline pilot:
These guys care about the details. It’s all about safety and they will not do anything unless they have checked and double checked everything is the way they like it. If stuff goes bad, it’s really bad and people could die. They often delay stuff until they are happy. They know no one goes anywhere without them!

The Intensivist becomes the fighter pilot:
They know they are top gun. Their’s is the fighter jet, all must respect their power. They swoop down and rain terror on people who are just trying to get along. They spend vast sums of money and do clever things no one really understands but it involves complicated machines and lots of tinkering.

The Physician becomes the white collar office worker:
This guy likes the paperwork, the cooler chats, the long hours and looking at computers. They make phone calls to everyone they can think of yet somehow it’s always their job! They keep the world ticking along through hard work and bureaucracy.

The GP becomes the local shop owner:
She looks after your every need. She stocks everything you want and if she has not got it she can refer you to someone who does!

The Prehospital Medic becomes the SAS
These guys do their stuff outside, somewhere unknown. They can’t talk about it and you would not understand anyway because “you just weren’t there man!”. They may use helicopters and they live for the adrenaline and ketamine.

The Orthopod becomes the carpenter
If it’s bent he’ll fix it, if it’s broke he’ll put some screws in and sort it out. Obsessed with angles and tools. This guys loves a drill and a hammer!

The Cardiologist becomes the plumber
When the pipes blocked they’ll unblocked it. They love a good pump and sometimes even mixed water and electrics together. They use rods to unblock stuff without even making a mess.

The Palliative care doctor becomes the clergy
Lots of hope and praying goes on. They live to ease suffering and help the needy. People come to them when they are desperate and they do their best to help.

Steve Young