This is the feedback from our latest course, as you will note its in its raw format positives and negatives. We are constantly looking to improve and so welcome this feedback:

The Welcome Lecture.
Good introductions and outlines of the day. IT compatibility needs to be improved. Good to know history of the day. Punchy points. Communicated well. Eg: checking calcium and urea. Very clear and engaging. Good intro giving the aims of the day.
ID objectives for the course. Nice brief set out without duplicating too much.
Good to know the structure of the day. I felt part of the team, thank you. Friendly. [I am] now looking forward to the day.

The Lethal Triage and Damage Control Resus.
Too much physiology, at times hard to follow. Informative and at an appropriate level. Pitched at a good level to include a variety of backgrounds. Particularly good in explaining so I know why they are important. Very good, key points covered, not too long or complex. Useful to know the triad. More time needed, very educational. Clear and engaging. [It was useful] knowing what the problems we have to watch out for. Easy to follow. Good revision opportunity. In depth. Well delivered. Good summary and evidence in trauma. Coagulopathy avoiding crystalloid. Fluid is not a “must”. 3 key points of triad. Some terms difficult to understand. An educational eye opener. Suggestion: can this be placed into WAST annual refreshers. Useful background to reasons for current practice.
Good PP pics. Ran over time.

Shock Trauma Protocol and Trauma Call Criteria.
Broken down into stages, background explained. Very useful points. Very good, important to know. Need to use scenarios as to whether to put as trauma call out or not. Useful for nurses. Informative. Blood is important. Importance of 1:1:1:1 resus. In-depth. Good points. Good to put physiological principles into practice. Seemed rushed maybe because the first one over ran. Interesting. Activation criteria. Learning protocol for traumatic cardiac arrest. Learning steps to assess trauma. Suggestion: longer time for this lecture as I enjoy learning from dindi/ ran out of time and didn’t really discuss trauma call criteria. Good, easy to follow.

Haemorrhage Control 1. Thomas Splint and Open Fracture Skill Station.
Good explanation with rationale. Touched on important points. Suggestion: would have been good to practice. Good to have a go at using the splint. I think it would have been better if it wasn’t already on the leg and we had to do it from scratch. A good refresher for kit we don’t use very often. Practical and clear. Useful to gain and understanding. Good info. Aimed more for nurses. Good opportunity to practice. How and when to use the splint. Useful to see correct application. Good presentation and discussion. Not having the correct equipment. . 1st clot is the best clot. How to apply the splint, and importance of constantly assessing. Learn better from practical application. Useful and interesting.

Haemorrhage Control 2.
Didn’t have CAT tourniquets Person running the station should ensure that all the stuff needed. Good demo and opportunity to try. A good refresher. Would have been good to have the actual equipment. Good review. Good, informative. We need more time to practice vascular access. Should have had the pelvic binder that we actually use in ED. [Me] being the patient was a good learning lesson.

New Approaches Skill Station.
Good refresher on chest drains. Very informative. Well presented. Very useful to work in small groups. Learning for the thoracotomy that you only need 3 pieces of equipment initially and how to apply the dressing. Very good. Helpful MDT approach. Good speakers.

Human Factors Discussion.
Good to be reminded of things that can be missed. Will make me more aware of practice. Good session. Knowing your own skills and limitations. Made you think about practice. Great to show the importance of this. Is there another case that can be used that is specific to trauma? Empowerment, communication, prep and clear comms. Communicate and listen to others. Emphasised comms and not being task focused. Not much chance for actual discussion. Good points raised. IT issues were not good.

Communications for Pre-Hospital Staff.
Highlights importance. Very important that handover! Made you think about your comms skills! ATMISTER and recommending massive haem activation. Was not aware of ATMISTER. Useful. Very important aspect, useful reminder.

Major Haemorrhage Management and Tranexamic acid.
Good use of flow chart. Clear and well presented. Very informative. Useful for nurses. Excellent. TX acid is very important. Good. Correct labelling!!!
Correct procedure for initiating massive haem policy. Educational. Bit of an overlap with another lecture. Good reasons for mgt backed with latest evidence. Very detailed.

Fluid Warmer/ Rapid Infusion Skills.
Good hands on experience. Good teacher. Helpful but could have run the line through form the beginning. Good. Interesting to know. Good to practice. How to use it. Useful practice with the Belmont. Very useful. Belmont makes giving fluids a dream. Having a go at the Belmont was great, the setting and factors. Excellent, I understand its capabilities. Good talker. In depth. Very informative explained at relevant level of the group.

Handling and Transfer Skills with Scoop.
Hands on. Good refresher. Good to be reminded of how to mobilise the pt onto the scoop as normally just taking people off it. Good. Very useful. Good to practice. Good. Good to use the kit, good practice. Practicing on how to apply the scoop taking advise from someone of Dindis calibre- well it doesn’t get better than that. Good to discuss what’s available etc. Lots of questions answered. Beneficial. Well explained.

Vascular Access/ EZIO.
Good to see this equipment used and hope to see it rolled out in the other areas. Good session, hands on. Good refresher. Good to know what to locate to help doctors. Interesting. Very interesting. More time required. Helpful to cover subclav/ trauma lines. Needs more time. Very useful. New skills to learn. Nice to try EZIO. Informative. Good to practice EZIO would have been nice to practice subclav lines. Sizing the IO and the need for pressure. Contraindications of using the IO. Useful to know how to set up equipment. Would be ideal if WAST supplied us! Need longer to practice. Interesting to see. Again, a very good session. Made relevant to the group.

Blood Transfusion Key Details.
Good, clear, reinforced take home points. Answered all questions, very knowledgeable, useful to run through. Good. Useful for nurses. Great addition to the course, useful for me! Well done. Good to be aware of protocol and flow charts. Good to have updated info. Clear advice on products need to be used. Going through protocol really useful. Clarified things. Very useful, and beneficial. Excellent, very useful and practical. Good to know.

Human Factors Key Elements Lecture.
Ideas from various perspectives. Very informative. Short and straight to the point. Key points for improvement. Importance of communication and listening.
Would be nice to have some tips on how to control/ lead. Good. Felt this was covered previously, but enjoyed. Very important. Educational. Informative.

Preparation for Trauma, Roles and Responsibilities.
Good to have an understanding of the roles as sometimes too busy in ED. Good. Good to recap. Needs to be set up. Too many people in resus normally. Perhaps do a discussion about how to manage more than one casualty. Excellent role descriptions. Really useful to see the roles broken down. V helpful to see the roles broken down. Helps to reduce stress to know your roles. I was surprised at some of the roles. Very important to know- helps things to be done effectively and efficiently. Methodical and relevant.

Moulage Demo.
Very well constructed and explained. Extremely good to watch. Would hope to be able to run one like it in the future. Good resources and equipment. Good demo. Excellent run through and debrief. Good to practice the role of the nurse. Importance of clear info. Great to watch a demo, shows where I can improve. Very good. Very enjoyable. Clear and constructive. Helpful to ID areas to improve upon. Would like to see this in ED. Nice to learn points. Excellent demo. Good to see a well-run demo. Good idea of how it should be done.

Moulage Practice.
Helpful to see where something’s are falling short but good in other areas. Really helpful. It’s good to learn from your mistakes. Good to try out skills learnt. Well done. Good practice. Fun- rounded day off nicely. Excellent session, more debriefing is needed in ED. Good to practice. Always stressful but very useful.
Relaxed environment, plenty of feedback.

Overall Evaluation.
Excellent day overall. Now will have more confidence working in resus. Extremely good course. Would recommend to any staff [member] who deals with trauma. Would be good to have more sessions running over the year to encourage attendance from all specialities involved in trauma. Probably the best course I have been on. I like the “if this happens, do this” not a lot of faffing about.
Very good day. All speakers were enthusiastic and provided lots of knowledge and experience fantastic and useful workshop which will benefit my career goals. Everyone was very relaxed which meant I was not frightened to ask questions. General timings of everything. I feel SO fortunate to have been part of today’s events-thank you. Really good day-work related. Lots of useful info for working in ED. Excellent. Good day- would have liked intubation to have been included for nurses and ED drugs. Excellent set up of live stations. Was good to have the TREATS team available to ask for advice or any questions.
Great to work in small groups with my colleagues. Great course- fun and informative. Very good- learnt loads. Excellent course. Well organised. Extra detail to adjunct with ATLS understanding. More moulage practice would be ideal to help consolidate further the day’s learning. Thank you SO much for your time. Really appreciate it and has helped my practice. Very well run and helpful course. Thanks. It was nice to be included in all the lectures to feel like you are useful part of the team. Well good and well structured. Nice to feel valued as a vital part of the team.

Steve Young