Psychology, Mindfulness, Positivity

Synopsis about author:
Prof Steve Peters is a sports psychiatrist who has worked with major sports teams and olympians. Chris Hoy credits the author with helping him to win his gold medals.

Synopsis about book:
The book summarises a theoretical model of how the mind works using the analogy of a chimp. The chimp is your emotional side and the human is the thinking devoloped side of you.
He explores this model to explain why people react the way they do and why they do things they know they should not. The book then explains how to manage yourself more effectively, control your emotions and reduce your stress, all aiming to make you more fulfilled and happy.

Useful for and target audience:
Anyone struggling with stress, anger and negative addictive behaviours.

Good points:
The insights in this book could be truly transformational if followed. The first few chapters are brilliant and provide an excellent framework to think about the mind.

Bad points:
The later chapters are not as insightful as the earlier ones but do have some good points. I think this could have been a shorter book without losing too much.

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Steve Young