30 candidates: 12 doctors; 10 Welsh Ambulance staff; 8 nurses. (28 evaluation forms)

Candidates given the following evaluation form:

‘Please be as constructive as possible identifying the most beneficial points and points for improvement’.

Session Good points How to improve
Welcome lecture

Sue West-Jones

Informative/very informative (6)

Good (6)

Welcoming (3)

Friendly (2)

Put day into context (3)

Good overview (9)

Clear information (3)


Team approach in trauma

Lethal Triad and DCR lecture

Dindi Gill

Interesting new approach in trauma (4)

Very informative/informative (10)

Evidenced based (2)

Very clear (3)

Correlation between outcomes and mechanisms explained

Good presentation (2)

Excellent/very good/good (4)

Most helpful / useful (3)

Learnt a lot

Easy to understand as a triad

Good pointers to further reading

Important and essential information given in a language easy to understand

Writing too small on slides (2)

Less stats/ simpler

Provide further reading

Shock Trauma Lecture

Dindi Gill

Interesting new approach in trauma (5)

Very good/good (9)

Excellent (2)

Informative (4)

Very clear

Evidenced based (2)

Very interesting / interesting (4)

Thorough (2)

Useful (3)


Great delivery (2)

Important and essential information given in a language easy to understand

Slides too small
Human Factors

Kiran Kandola

Reassuring to acknowledge human error and prevention

Enjoyed discussion/ good discussion (6)

Made aware of the risk of becoming fixated on one thing

Good anecdotal story (4)



Thought provoking

Reminded me of common sense and be aware

Good to know attitude is changing

Reinforced human factors

Interesting (2)



Useful to share experiences

Well presented / well structured

Well explained

Recognition of importance of all team members

Bit more structure

Covered before

More examples, I know about cases mentioned.

More videos

Hemorrhage Control 1 – Splints

Tristan Taylor / Dindi Gill

Good refresher

Good to see different splints

Good practice (15)

Good teaching (5)

Useful (5)

Very clear

Informative (2)

More time

More on theory of splints (2)

Hemorrhage control 2 –

Binder and tourniquet

Steve Young/ Rob Hughes

Good (6)

Good practice (13)

Very informative (6)

Relevant & useful (2)

Knowledge of tutors very good

Easy to understand

Comms for WAST

Dindi Gill

Good new learning (8)



Clarification of ATMISTER (4)

New approaches in management of B

Sue West-Jones

Good (5)

Appropriate with our skill set (2)

Useful (4)

Explanation of why assessments take place

?view on haemothorax.

(2) Practical thoracotomy

Major Hemorrhage lecture

Sue West-Jones

Good (6)

Very informative/ informative (11)

Excellent (2)

Learnt a lot (2)

Interesting presentation

No jargon/easily understood

Fluids warmers / infusion

Rob Hughes

Very good/good (4)

Good/excellent explanation

Good demonstration (9)

Useful/learnt a lot (3)

Practice (4)

More time
EX-IO / access

Kiran Kandola

Practice (4)


Good (9)

Interesting (2)

Sites of access

Very useful/useful (8)


Look at other access for doctors
Handling and transfer

Dindi Gill/ Grant Lewis

Practice (10)

Informative (2)

Good Q&A (4)

Fun (2)

Very useful/useful (4)


Gauge skill level
Blood transfusion in practice

Steve Young /

Tristan Taylor

Good (8)



Practical tips

Useful (2)

Importance of documentation and accurate record keeping

Pitstop session

Sue West-Jones

Dindi Gill

All faculty

Good (8)

Excellent (2)

Brings it all together (3)

Very well run

Useful (2)


Realistic situation awareness

Importance of clear leadership

Helpful to see different roles within the team (5)

Could have a pre-hospital session first to see what they do
Moulage practice

All faculty

Good trial for delegates (2)

Excellent (4)

Good insight into team in ED (2)

Great involvement / experience (4)

Volunteers did very well

Very helpful

Consolidated everything from the day

Importance of team/roles understood (7)

Overran so not all had a go

More time (4)

Written outline of scenario to gauge moulage

Overall evaluation of the course

Other faculty:

Jo Williams

Pauline ‘Pitstop’ Clark

Very good/good (8)

Good refresher (3)

Learnt a lot / new learning (5)


Answered a lot of questions

Very well structured (3)

Excellent day

Should be part of annual CPD

Good teachers

Extremely valuable

Fantastic course (2)

Roll out over Wales please

10/10 (3)

Would be useful at the beginning of ED job

Really enjoyed (2)


Very useful (5)

Very informative/informative (8)


Good food (2)

Very friendly team

Good to split into skills set groups

Relevant (3)

More time
Will you recommend a colleague to attend – please circle Yes

28/28 forms



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