Summary of feedback for TREATS day 26th June 2017.

Welcome lecture

Very clearly laid out the day. Good. Excellent. Short: to the point. Clear plan for the day. well presented and informative. Warm welcome. Nice to know what was planned for the day. Explained the point of the day well. Easy to follow

Lethal Triad

Very informative and explained at an appropriate level. Good. Would like a copy of the power point for follow up reading please.. Thought provoking. Nice to hear of experience in the field. Very good. good info for practice. Well delivered. Good grounding for the rest of the day, v interesting. Good to know what is expected and why. Described the necessary knowledge very well. Broke each factor down. Was a little confused at first, use less PP and simplify a bit. Use one laptop to prevent delay in switching from different lecturers. Was a bit confused to start with but was okay by the end. Interesting and relevant. Less abbreviations please. Good +

Shock trauma lecture

Good. Well explained. Informative. All relevant. Very good. Good: easy to understand. Good refresher and update of knowledge. Interesting learning about DCS/DCR interventions. Very good. Very helpful. Learnt a lot to improve practice. More pre:hospital focus would be nice. Improved my understanding. More depth would be good. Explained well. Good to hear personal experiences and to hear why decisions are made e.g.: re blood. All very good and to the point.

Human factors lecture

Very good to raise awareness and encourage staff to be more assertive. Good. Shows importance of team work. All relevant. Raises some important issues on the mgt of staff. Interactive. Very helpful. Informative. Insightful and interesting. Nice to know we have improved from an awful incident. Made it relatable. Pointing out that team work essential and don’t be afraid to speak up when needed. Helpful to be encouraged to speak up as a staff nurse.

Haemorrhage control 1. Splints skills station

Loved hands experience. Need more time for everyone to have a go at putting it on. Session needs more time for practice. Very informative. Good. Brilliant, really beneficial to ED. Maybe have a plastic limb to practice on. Useful to learn different skills. Great learning experience, very relevant. Extra time needed. Very useful. Good review excellent. Was some confusion over the binder and traction. Good to revisit splint application. More time to have a go. Useful for nursing skills. WAST need to clarify use of pelvic binder with traction as it is still clearly an issue. Splints need to explained a bit more good practice instilled. Hands on and supportive. Good demo. A bit rushed. Very helpful to see these in use.

Haemorrhage control 2. Binder/ tourniquet skills station

Great to have hands on. Very informative. Brilliant and beneficial. Good to see different kit. Informative. Practical. More time for both the 1 and 2 sessions. Good for perspective and visualising equipment. Good to review these items of kit. Excellant.very good.interesting. more time needed. Very helpful and useful. Good refresher good to have teaching away from ED. Nice to see different sizes available and paeds. Good that we “had a go”.

Comms for WAST only. Skills station

Good. Excellent. Well presented. Good . concise. Good overview of ATMISTER. Very informative. Nice to know we can request a trauma team. More time needed. Improves our comms with ED. All singing from the same hymn sheet. Good to go through what is expected and what we can do to influence future care.


New approaches in mgt of B skills station

Very interesting to see whats useful and why. Helpful to highlight inductions for chest drains. good. excellent. Found out why, how and what are important points in chest injuries. Tailor the sessions for groups. Nurses would not be putting in chest drains, mention their role in the procedure. Interesting. Feel more confident in setting up the chest drain trolley.

Major bleed lecture

Valuable information that clarified many things. Knowing cross match can be done for “unknown” and how useful TxA is. Very informative. Good explanation and relevant to every work place. Very relevant. Had IT problems. Very involving. Enjoyable lecture, clear and concise but IT issues stopped PP support. Good to know how to start bleed policy. Good to know how to activate MH policy. Refreshed my knowledge. Good, but IT problem. Good to see whole process. Main points covered on what was needed.

Fluid warmers/ infusion skills.

Interesting and useful, now feel more comfortable with equipment. Loved seeing the Belmont in action. Would like more practice setting up the Belmont. Really beneficial to ED. Good knowledge and demo of equipment. Good for familiarising with Belmont. Very well taught. Very interesting as I have never used fluid warmers. Explained in detail. Able to have a good. Problems and errors discussed.

EX-IO/ access skills

Interesting and very useful to practice and feel more comfortable and confident with them. (for this sessions and one below).would be good to have some more aftercare / nursing discussed in case pts stay in ED. Good to have an update. Very informative. Good. Need to incorporate skills for nurses to use after insertion. Well explained, able to use equipment. Interactive and informative. Good for confidence/ lack of familiarity. Good session, well presented. Excellent demo. Very good. Good refresher for skills and head of humerus. Excellent skills station, well presented. Very interesting.. very helpful in ED. Very useful as we now have these. Never seen these before so very helpful. Good kit and discussion. Good. Explained well and able to have a go. Maybe worth seeing paeds.

Handling and transfer skills station

Good: explained rationales for using. Very good: hands on. Good reinforcement of existing knowledge. Very helpful. Very good for WAST and answered lots of questions. Good. Feel a lot more confident using scoops etc; good practical session, well presented. Good practice excellent. Nice to see transfer equipment. Good. Very informative. Beneficial to go through proper practice.

Pit stop session

Not so scary after having a run through first of roles. Very good.good.interesting: gave insight into my role during a scenario. Larger size obs need on screen. Good session very enjoyable. Very informative, good insight into working of the team. Good to revisit pitstop theory: very interesting. Very good. good to see pt care after handover to ED. Good insight into roles and responsibilities of the team.

Moulage practice

Brought the day together visually allowing me to see what works well. Good excellent. Good practice, practical and interesting. Helped with confidence as I know what to do in a trauma call. Very enjoyable session, good practical demo very good. Very good and informative. Good to see how it should be done. Was nervous but done in a relaxed manner. Very helpful.



Overall evaluation of the course

IT an ongoing issue and needs to be addressed at a high level. Not acceptable for the IT to keep playing up. Good and informative brilliant course: have learnt a lot which will assist in ED in trauma care and other care. Good course as you get a good understanding of everyone involved in a trauma call. Learnt new skills and gained more knowledge. Great day: not sure how much is relevant to EDAs but gave me an insight into the roles of the rest of the team and what they will be doing and allows me to assist. Would be better run over 2 days. Improves my confidence and skills. Excellent course, very enjoyable! Excellent! Well structure and presented.. good to sum up the day. Very helpful to someone who is new to the dept. It’s been great: very glad I signed up. I would highly recommend. Really enjoyed this day as it will help my practice. Very good.. Enhanced my practice. Thankyou! Really relevant to practice. Really good, thanks!


Delicious! Excellent. Fab. Superb. Thankyou! More cake J good lots of variety. Could have had individual water? Good.. very good.

Octapharma demo (in coffee)

Very good. Brilliant. Knowledgeable rep. Really enjoyed this session J

Recommendation to colleagues? 100%


Steve Young