Dr Steve Young

Human factors, trauma, positivity and aesthetics in medicine


I am a doctor who is passionate about human factors and getting the most out of medicine. I believe we can improve our performance through training and positivity.

As doctors we start with such ambition and drive. We want to help and be great doctors. When we start it’s brilliant but then we get beaten down and cynical by the juggernaut which is the NHS. I want to bring back that joy and hope we once had, that appreciation that what we do is great and we should be proud and happy with our lives. I want to do this not only to make us all happy but also to make us better doctors and to offer more for our patients and the NHS.

I also am a trained Aesthetician offering botox and lip fillers.

The views of the posts are my own and do not represent any institutions or anyone else.

However the Category TREATS material is for documents created by the Trauma course TREATS and are on the site for teaching purposes and have been shared with permission.

Any cases or images that are discussed have been anonymised and key details changed.

Steve Young