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UPDATE! The next TREATS course is 13th March 2017, places are booking up!

TREATS was created in 2012 by Sue West-Jones and Dindi Gill along with a core group of nurses from Morriston Emergency department. They saw that there was a need for education and improvement to the way trauma was managed, at that time the average time to CT in Morriston Hospital was 2hrs. After training almost 1000 people that is down to about 30mins this is thanks to the efforts and dedication of the faculty and the strength of the key messages of the course.
Treats is an up to date trauma course focusing on cutting edge practice and human factors with a team mentality.

We give great lectures on damage control resuscitation and the lethal triad from experts in the field. We put forward the “pit stop” approach to trauma management in the resus room focusing on team work, human factors and team roles. The course is free for nurses and paramedics.

We aim to educate and train all medical professionals who look after trauma patients in South Wales to give excellent trauma care for their patients.

Look at the TREATS category for course material: Treats material

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